Technics & further info

Technical Values:
Char. resistance:                                       50 Kg, included loast-test of 100 Kg
Char. resistance:                                   1000 N
Tension load:                                           500 N
Vertical Pressure:
Char. resistance vertical pressure:           100 Kg (Check underground!)
Char. resistance vertical pressure:           200 N
Max. load vert. pressure:                        1000 N
Pressure square:                                 31.416 mm², diameter plate 20 cm
Positioning-zylinder:                                    60 mm diameter, 40mm hight (PA6)
Mounting-hight:                                            52 mm
Diameter:                                                   400 mm diameter sleeve
Slope:                                                               Flat-roof  up to 10° slope
Sleeve:                                                             Chosen material – care for instructions of                                                                                       manufactor


Parts of ready-to-use mounting bracket for technical installations on flat roof:
  • Positioning-zylinder (green in picture) with integrated thread-bolt
  • Sleeve in you chosen material
  • Stainless-steel plate
  • Screw for mounting your device M8